Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eid Al-Fitr and Thanks Giving: "Do you believe in miracles?"

By Chiara

I had the gift this Ramadan of witnessing, and, in a minor way, participating in a Ramadan miracle.

----- Our chat on Tue, 8/25/09 -----*
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (11:00 AM): do u believe in miracles
Chiara (11:01 AM): I want to believe! do tell!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (11:02 AM): after lengthy discussion with my second son...he agreed...albeit try america
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (11:02 AM): i feel my heart will stop...just stop
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (11:04 AM): im sitting here trying not to faint...and thinking of how to make this happen..time is short...the tickets must be bought in ramadan...but the travel can be after ramadan
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (11:05 AM): im going to post on my blog...u never know who might the moment i dont know what else to do
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (11:05 AM): and i have a paypal accout lying dormant for nearly two i might get heat is pounding to death now
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (11:06 AM): heart that is
Chiara (11:06 AM): you've got 3 weeks + then get on it!! NO TIME FOR A HEART ATTACK SAVE IT FOR WHEN YOU ARE IN THE US AND HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (11:13 AM): my mind is a tornado right now with possibilities and dreams almost attained...its enough to make me giddy...and then sick
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (11:51 AM): the fast broke nearly an hour ago and im still sitting her...ddrank some water tho
Chiara (11:52 AM): preserve your strength for the final battle- - didn't they teach you anything in boot camp?
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (11:52 AM): sorry for the typos...hands are

Astute readers will appreciate why, after my first 3 years of university, career testing results indicated that I would find compatibility with male drill sergeants. Coolred, of course, actually did serve in the US Air Force, and did put those “Atten’ HUT” “TACAMO-Take Charge And Move Out” talents to good use. She did start immediately with a post on her own blog , which multiplied by requests and volunteers to posts on other blogs:

mine, Susie of Arabia’s at Susie’s Big Adventure, Shafiq’s at The Student View, John Burgess’ Crossroads Arabia, Chapomatic's, Ellen’s Steadily Emerging with Grace , Umm Travis’ Tea Break Thoughts, Faith in Writing, American Bedu, Tuttie’s Trying to Take Over the World, Mona at Mama Mona , Mama Kalila at The Not Quite Hippy Hippy Mom , Lisa of A Journey Eastward to Tartary, Bee at Bee’s Musings, CM at Just Thinking, Chanelle at Chanelle Renee, KimDonesia,** and Umm Omar at Just Another Day. Suad of Butterfly Bahrain took the post to the Arabic blogosphere.

Many did updates, and some did many updates. Elyse had the idea to contact specific groups and put the word out on Facebook; many others, like Monica and Daisy, followed suit; Organica tweeted; and Shiv volunteered to drive to Bahrain with a contribution.

Reading the comments to Coolred’s initial and subsequent posts here and here is an insight into the best of the blogosphere in action. People contributed money, sometimes from what little they had themselves, prayers, dua, wishes, ideas, information, links (I wonder who might link? LOL :) ), support, communication strategies, and their own stories of courage.

The inevitable Anons appeared, a few of whom were very kind, but of course not all. Then there were my personal favourite comedy team, the Japanese commentators, in Japanese, thinking Coolred’s Rant was an erotica for hire site, and whom I tried to persuade in both English and Japanese to put their “fun money” into Coolred’s Paypal pot instead. To them, one final Domo Arigato! Thank you very much! 本当にありがとうございます!

An article by Mohammed Al-Othman appeared in the newspaper, ElBelad, shaming Bahrainis for forcing this family to leave for the land of the Great Shaytan, calling Coolred’s hometown a place full of rednecks and Islamophobes, exhorting the locals to help Coolred’s family, and to prevent this from happening to others, which drew a lot of Bahraini attention. Gulf News Daily, Coolred’s favourite place for submitting Letters to the Editor, called, and so did CNN! Oprah was mentioned many times but hasn’t called—yet!

With all the Bahraini attention from newspapers and word of mouth offers of work, housing, and support started coming in, some from very high places--offers being the operative word, and mixed blessings being the qualifier.

----- Our chat on Thu, 9/3/09 -----
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:13 AM): my kids have heard about a few offers etc...and have commented once or twice that "now we can stay" like no way...its not even close
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:15 AM): so i seriously need to get moving before the bits of snow rolling down the hill turn into a something much bigger and they decide to change their previous agreements and return to anarchy
Chiara (5:17 AM): keep this wagon train rolling towards the west--home of the free and brave buffalo etc LOL
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:17 AM): ive related all that to them time and again...but i am just one person...all these "opinions" they are getting now are like a gang warfare against just me…im hoping i can keep it all together long enough to make it to the airport
Chiara (5:18 AM): you are the MOTHER VOICE! Remind them of their religion HEAVEN LIES AT YOUR FEET and YOUR FEET ARE WESTWARD BOUND!!!

No story, including no miracle story, would be any good without a little dramatic tension.

Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (6:16 AM): my whole website just went blank...hold on
Chiara (6:16 AM): okay
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (6:20 AM): hey do me a favor...can u see my blog
Chiara (6:21 AM): checking
Chiara (6:21 AM): Blog not found Sorry, the blog you were looking for does not exist. However, the name coolred38 is available to register!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (6:22 AM): what the hell does that mean
Chiara (6:22 AM): oops! need to get on that right away!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (6:23 AM): i cant see it from here either
Chiara (6:23 AM): it means usually that the blog has been deleted- - I have google reader copies of posts and comments if you need them particularly the going home one
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (6:23 AM): why would it be deleted
Chiara (6:23 AM): check with Blogger first

Well, okay, rather a fair bit of dramatic tension, given that the Paypal button on the blog was Coolred’s ticket to "freedom".

----- Our chat on Thu, 9/10/09 -----
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:22 PM): everyone is complaining about the net this past week...all over the place crazy stuff going on
Chiara (5:22 PM): now the computer that's turning into a Ramadan mystery
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:23 PM): i got my blog chat with a mind of its own...and pages popping up and out without warning...thought it was just my laptop but others have said the same sort of things are going on with them

However, that wasn’t the only adventure along the way.

----- Our chat on Wed, 9/9/09 -----
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:20 PM): hows the wednesday going for u
Chiara (5:20 PM): it's going weird but okay--how about you--it's almost over! LOL
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:21 PM): its been over for 21 min for me
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:21 PM): had an interesting day with a few downers
Chiara (5:22 PM): such as...the good, the bad, and the ugly of course.
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:48 PM): i didnt tell u the more interesting bit of news
Chiara (5:48 PM): which is...
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:48 PM): i met the CNN contact this evening
Chiara (5:49 PM): oh and you will be on John Roberts show when i get up in the morning?

Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:50 PM): he wants me to fly to dubai and do an interview with CNN and BBC
Chiara (5:50 PM): fabulous!!!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:50 PM): he said if I do one base interview...when I arrive in America I will have offers coming in to do talk shows etc...he is like 99% positive
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:51 PM): he said I can make money from this and support my children better than a fast food job or whatever i do when i get there
Chiara (5:51 PM): I agree-- it starts there, and CNN bless their mind numbing hearts run this over and over and over
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:51 PM): he also said he is positive i will get a book deal from it...if i do a good first interview
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:51 PM): lol
Chiara (5:51 PM): true--definitely aim higher
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:53 PM): I told him I will leave as soon as possible...soon as I have he said...let us fly u to dubai first...on the way out...spend a night the interview then on ur way
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:54 PM): not sure about that...
Chiara (5:55 PM): you decide- - if I'm correct a Dubai trip by plane is a get in taxi to the studio and get out deal

Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:56 PM): when he heard i had been in the military he asked me why i hadnt approached them to gain tickets home...i told him that was 23 years ago...he said..once in the military you are a veteran no matter how long u were there...long as you had honorable you are entitled to benefits etc...and one of those is a flight out from whereever you are to home...and they dont xptect u to pay it back like the embassy
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:56 PM): plus they will take ur stuff as well
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:57 PM): and he said Im entitled to medical...GI bill not sure how accurate that all is but certainly would be worth looking into

There were other miracles, too.

----- Our chat on Fri, 9/11/09 -----
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:03 PM): a ramadan miracle has just happened…wow
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:04 PM): just got an email … ALL the tickets can be paid for

Chiara (5:05 PM): YEESSSS!!!!!!!!!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (5:05 PM): unfortunately there is not a drop dead in a faint smiley face cause thats how i feel right now
Chiara (5:05 PM): Your ROTFL laughing guy will do!!!!!

Hmmm. About time for a little more dramatic tension. Oh, yes, here it comes…

----- Our chat on Sun, 9/13/09 -----
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:16 PM): r u there...messenger is giving me the run around today...i have no idea if im on or off
Chiara (2:17 PM): I'm here after stupid jinn problems
Chiara (2:17 PM): not to be confused with gin problems!
Chiara (2:17 PM): tell me about the police station!!!!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:18 PM): well last night at around midnight i placed some money in my wallet...laid it on my desk in my bedroom... this morning at around 11 as i was ready to head out the door to the embassy to collect my passport...i looked for the wallet and it was gone. *poof*
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:19 PM): i searched around...didnt see it...then decided it was deliberately gone and started seeing red
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:19 PM): i woke up all my kids and started screaming at them...asking who took it them or friends...they all swore they didnt...even swore on the Quran if that makes a difference
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:20 PM): i turned the house upside down...that along with the chaos already from packing etc...but didnt find it

Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:20 PM): off to police station I went
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:21 PM): went there and made a report
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:22 PM): spent a few hours trying to get bahrains version of the keystone cops to take it serious
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:23 PM): all my ID!

Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (3:40 PM): this is so messed up...people just dont know what ur going through...i blog about troubles now and then but it doesnt really explain when the anons get on and say...oh ur so negative...just go home they even think what they are saying
Chiara (3:41 PM): ignore the anons-the negative ones are negative energy
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (3:44 PM): i cant even think coherently head is pounding…my stomach is nerves are shot...what next

What next? A little mix of miracles and obstacles…

----- Our chat on Thu, 9/17/09 -----
Chiara (8:05 PM): Well I almost killed a Russian in plain sight on campus but I resisted
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:06 PM): russians are not the enemy any more...didnt u hear...cold war long over
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:06 PM): all my kids still present and accounted for
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:07 PM): i heard two pieces of interesting news today
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:18 PM): well i heard today....
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:18 PM): still with
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:19 PM): that because im divorced mother of bahraini kids that i shouldnt have been paying the full electric prices...but only the discount bahraini im supposed to get a refund for the 9 months ive been paying the full electricity bill...the difference anyhow
Chiara (8:19 PM): yes!!!!!
Chiara (8:19 PM): I knew you had those kids for a reason…to reduce the electrical bill!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:20 PM): HOWEVER
Chiara (8:20 PM): oops
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:20 PM): the electric company will be closed the next few my trusted friend will keep on top of that and send on money to me
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:20 PM): he wanted my bank acct number to deposit the money in there...
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:21 PM): which reminded me that my bank acct card was in my wallet...
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:21 PM): which i no longer have...[missing or stolen]
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:21 PM): which the bank will be closed for the next few days...
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:21 PM): which means i cant go to the bank personally and get a new acct card...
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:21 PM): which means i will have to call them from america but im not sure they will give me that info over the phone...
...vicious circle
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:23 PM): still with me
Chiara (8:24 PM): yes of course- - spinning on this bank acct wheel- -

Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:28 PM): second thing was...VIP called my friend and told her to give her my bank acct number for some reason
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:28 PM): there is slight problem considering i dont have bank acct number...
Chiara (8:31 PM): don't you have any bank statements with the no. on it - - hidden in your pj drawer?
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:32 PM): well i did last week...but in my desire to clean up stuff and lighten the load...i threw away said statements
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:32 PM): always a week before u need something...u throw it away
Chiara (8:34 PM): no other bank info anywhere- - an overlooked statement still in purse, or car or something
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (8:36 PM): im still looking...i find it so hilarious that as soon as one disaster is suffered through...another one takes its place...cant seem to ride this wave to the end

Some comfort and motivation amid the chaos…

Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:22 PM): im seeing my son on the webcam now
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:22 PM): he’s so big

Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:35 PM): i cant wait...seriously
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:59 PM): its 5 am and i didnt sleep yet
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:59 PM): and i dont feel like sleeping
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:59 PM): will pay for it later im sure
Chiara (10:00 PM): well you have adrenalin on your side! and ramadan switchy hours
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:02 PM): well i havent pulled an all nighter in quite awhile..this is new

Still, there must be a final crisis before the dénouement…

----- Our chat on Thu, 9/17/09 -----
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:09 AM): i think i may have ONE MORE FREAKING PROBLEM
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:09 AM): im sitting here thinking whether i just made a huge mistake or not and knowing my luck and how i feel like puking...i think i did
Chiara (9:09 AM): SAY IT AIN'T SO, RED!!!! what is it or who is it?
Chiara (9:10 AM): no puking- - no time - - no wasted energy!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:11 AM): i just realized that the names on bahraini passports are 5...names on american passports are 3...i gave the ticket agent american passport im thinking they need to be the full 5 bahraini names...even though they will travel with american passports...they need to leave bahrain through customs with bahraini passports...and im going to drop dead from stress right now if that turns out to be the case...
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:12 AM): are the tickets no good...can the names be changed if need be or did I just waste a shit load of money...i dont freakin know about these god will this be over
Chiara (9:13 AM): are you sure they have to leave bahrain on their bahrain passports?
Chiara (9:13 AM): no worries!!!!! go to the airport with what you have- - the tickets are good along with the american passports
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:14 AM): if they are in bahrain we use the bahrain passports to avoid requiring visas by living here on american passports...but to enter america u must use american passport...all families along with embassy are well aware of the practice...i just have no idea if the names on the tickets make a difference
Chiara (9:14 AM): officials usually don't care when you are leaving a country- - it is when you are entering
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:15 AM): but i remember last summer when my daughters wanted to leave with my sister...the names weren’t the same on the tickets and they were forced to wait 2 days and have new tickets...i just cant remember why the names were different or what the reason was...
Chiara (9:16 AM): you need names on the tickets to match one passport- - use the American one

Chiara (9:17 AM): have an American Embassy official with you if you need to have an escort out
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:17 AM): I sent a text asking the agent...cause if it makes a difference its better to fix ahead of time...and she probably hates me right now for this headache...lord
Chiara (9:17 AM): she is probably aware of bureaucratic stupidity
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:19 AM): she said as long as the tickets match one full name on the passports then its fine...American is better than bahraini too
Chiara (9:19 AM): exactly!!!!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:21 AM): im not sure but i think my daughters was a combo of both without really matching either come to think of it
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:24 AM): my heart is pounding and my hands are actually shaking right close...yet we arent gone yet...lord i cant imagine what delay can happen next now that we are so close
Chiara (9:25 AM): D-Day is?
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:26 AM): friday
Chiara (9:30 AM): Friday is good- - once you get the tickets your mind is gone anyway
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:30 AM): my mind is sooooo gone
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:30 AM): lol
Chiara (9:32 AM): how are the youngin's?

Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:33 AM): i just realized friday is TOMORROWWWW!!!!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:33 AM): i was thinking to day was wednesday
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:33 AM): every bad word spoken here.....!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:34 AM): im not ready
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:34 AM): half ready is not ready
Chiara (9:34 AM): any of them need corralling? or are they movin' along like good little doaggies on the round- up drive
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:34 AM): they seem fine...but right now don’t know we are leaving TOMORROW
Chiara (9:34 AM): tickets, passports, children, money- - go naked if you have to
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (9:34 AM): that would definitely set off an alarm or 2 im sure
Chiara (9:34 AM): best to tell them, wouldn't you agree?
Chiara (9:35 AM): 4 naked Bahraini Americans- - might get faster seats on the plane and better blankets
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:02 AM): im also sitting here wondering how to print out these printer is kaputz
Chiara (10:03 AM): friend's printer? fed ex print shop?
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:03 AM): well i just learned about the tickets about 15 min before u jumped on line lol
Chiara (10:03 AM): american embassy computer?
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:03 AM): closed
Chiara (10:03 AM): 15 WHOLE MINUTES? !!!!! time's awasting!!!!
Chiara (10:04 AM): fed ex never closes!!!!
Chiara (10:05 AM): this is soooo great that it is all happening!!!

Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:05 AM): ok one more headache just to be the camel's straw for my impending heart attack...
Chiara (10:06 AM): hearts don't care about straws unless they are catheters--

----- Our chat on Thu, 9/17/09 -----
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (12:54 PM): im trying to read this eticket and its confusing...
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (12:54 PM): not sure if im coming or going ...are those arrival times or departure going to lose my mind...simpler that way
Chiara (12:56 PM): no take your mind with you, settle children in, and then lose it somewhere scenic
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (12:57 PM): u should start writing hallmark cards...definitely got the knack
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:00 PM): I just noticed that the ticket says leave at 8 pm but the itinerary says 1 30...whats up with that
Chiara (1:00 PM): nb make sure all times are in which time zone
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:01 PM): well im leaving in just one time zone so shouldnt they match
Chiara (1:09 PM): your departure time should be in the time zone of the place of departure- - usually trust the ticket over the itinerary--check the flight times at the airport or the airline website- - or check with the issuing agent--nb 1:30 is before 20h00 especially if it is 1:30 not 13:30!!!!
Chiara (1:09 PM): LOL
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:10 PM): would u like to see it...maybe u can make sense of it better than me

Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:12 PM): i sent it
Chiara (1:15 PM): okay will check email- - unless handsome Bahraini courier is standing nearby
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:16 PM): not just now
Chiara (1:21 PM): I've got it I'm just double checking one thing but you are leaving at 1:30 AM from Bahrain to Paris on 19 Sept ie you have to be at the airport by 23:30 PM on the 18 Sept
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:21 PM): but thats not what the tickets say
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:22 PM): they say 8 pm
Chiara (1:22 PM): look again do they say 20h00 or 8pm THEN 1:30?
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:25 PM): my head is going to explode...confusing me along with everything else
Chiara (1:27 PM): the flight Gulf Air to Paris leaves at 1:30 on 19 sept--
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:28 PM): so why does it say 8 below...
Chiara (1:30 PM): all the european flights leave around that time in the morning
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:30 PM): i know...been on enough of was confused
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:30 PM): i will call just to calm my thoughts...dont need this state of confusion
Chiara (1:30 PM): it looks as though the flight originates somewhere else at 8pm and then you join it in Bahrain at 1:30
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:32 PM): okie
Chiara (1:32 PM): call them to make sure but there doesn't seem to be a problem
Chiara (1:32 PM): DMS is in Niger- - be thankful you aren't on that part of the trip LOL :)

Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:35 PM): brain is about fried at this point...hanging on by a neuron or two
Chiara (1:36 PM): well since you won't be flying the plane 1- 2 neurons will do!
Chiara (1:44 PM): btw even your blog has a mind of its own- - tried showing a friend part and it won't link doesn't want to be a word document- - it goes on and on!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:46 PM): my blog certainly does have a mind of its own...i miss my old one...all the blog links i had having a hard time remembering them now
Chiara (1:47 PM): i thought I had the new links connected but the link that comes up on that post now doesn't work
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:48 PM): good luck with fed up with all things net these days...such a headache
Chiara (1:50 PM): Oh I can find ways to send posts!!!! I'm sending her the post in 3 modalities- - she WILL get it!!!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:50 PM): lol
Chiara (1:55 PM): so now that you are leaving at 1:30 you have 5 1/2 extra hours in Bahrain- - good or bad?
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:58 PM): good i guess
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (1:58 PM): but what do i know
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:05 PM): u said would be tomorrow then cause the tickets say 18th
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:05 PM): tomorrow morning then
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:06 PM): or in a few hours i mean
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:06 PM): oh shit please dont say that
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:08 PM): ok...calm down...just looked again
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (2:08 PM): im losing my mind

I’m happy to report that Coolred did not lose her mind, at least not that day!

----- Our chat on Thu, 9/17/09 -----
Chiara (10:34 PM): well I hope I chat with you tomorrow but if not bon voyage and have a safe flight
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:34 PM): tomorrow is today lol
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:34 PM): for me
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:34 PM): thank u
Chiara (10:35 PM): wave to the north on your flight across country LOL
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:35 PM): will do
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:36 PM): bye

Chiara (10:36 PM): bye!
Chiara (10:45 PM): I forgot- - when can I do a "they're off" post update?
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:46 PM): tonight i guess
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:46 PM): cause we aint gone yet...dont push my luck lol

Chiara (10:46 PM): my tonight or yours? okay yours- - if no email from you at lift off time I'll post!!!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:47 PM): ok
Chiara (10:47 PM): good! are you doing a post or will you do one from home with pics!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:48 PM): i havent done one yet...was thinking it would be a waste the rate i was going
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:48 PM): wanted to be sure sure
Chiara (10:48 PM): well now’s the time- - unless you post from the plane LOL
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:49 PM): will work on it later on today when i decide to have a break
Chiara (10:49 PM): a break from not sleeping LOL
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:50 PM): lol
Chiara (10:51 PM): must really go now- - library guard has hand on holster LOL bon voyage and have fun in the tayara!
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:52 PM): ok
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:52 PM): ouch
Coolred/Lee Ann Fleetwood (10:52 PM): bye

*These are actual chats. Minor editing has been done for confidentiality and readability without detracting from their naturalness or accuracy. Coolred was aware that I emailed the chats to both of us at the end—for the links!—and that this post was in preparation. Her use of the word miracle here and on her blog inspired this post.
**This post would have been very hard on the eyes without the wonderful post on KimDonesia’s blog helping other neophytes discover the “Compose” rather than the “Edit HTML” clicky thingy (a technical term LOL :) ) . In honour of, and to paraphrase, her post: "Thanks Kim, *whacks self over the head with a babouche, sabat, mukluk…*".

This Ramadan I learned a lot about miracles. While miracles may come to those who prepare their way, they take a great deal of work, persistence, and tenacity on the part of the blessed, and the equally dedicated efforts of others. In fact, in agreeing to this post, Coolred’s only condition was that I emphasize that even with her and her children’s resilience and efforts, none of this would have been possible without the support and efforts of others. I hope I have conveyed that sufficiently.

Coolred and her Gang have taught me about Ramadan miracles, for which I am grateful this Eid Al-Fitr.

What are your thoughts on or experiences of miracles? Who is "chosen" and why? Who are the "change agents" of miracles in your view? Do you have a miraculous story to share? Any other comments, thoughts, impressions?


Chiara said...

Nzingha said...
I've believed in Ramadhan miracles for along time, have a few of my own. Glad red got out with her kids.
September 23, 2009 10:43 AM

Chiara said...

Nzingha--Hi! and thanks for the comment. Any examples of Ramadan miracles you would like to share? It is wonderful Coolred got out with her kids and that the whole thing took place within Ramadan, to be celebrated on Eid Al-Fitr.

Chiara said...

Susanne said...
I was posting here yesterday when my computer froze and I forgot to repost. Basically I was just saying thank you, Chiara, for all the details that you shared about Coolred's experiences prior to leaving. I follow her on Twitter so I know about some things in *minor* detail (e.g. the robbery), but I didn't know it was a wallet with very important papers. Yikes! But, anyway, I am so glad she made it safely home where I hope she can get rested up a bit and everyone can settle in nicely. :)

Chiara said...

Susanne--Thanks for your comment. I did think that our chats turned out to have some "As we were chatting moments" like her blog imploding as we chatted, and some of her inimitable narrative style about the theft that were worth reproducing verbatim. Apart from jet lag reducing her blogospheric activity they all seem to be doing fine.
Are you and I sharing a travelling computer jinn? Mine was misbehaving badly yesterday! LOL :)
Any miracles in your experience?
September 23, 2009 11:33 PM


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