Sunday, July 11, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010: The Final

Sí! Sí! Sí!

España 1 Países Bajos 0

Hasta 2014!


Susanne said...

It's kind of sad that the World Cup is over for another 4 years! I enjoyed seeing sights from South Africa and I just love seeing people from allllllll over the world come together!

I watched the whole thing, what a long match! :) Of course some Dutch fans DROVE all the way from The Netherlands to be there. Speaking of long! Can you imagine? I think they said 9,000 kilometers. That's how far it is from our house in the eastern US to Damascus! :-O

So cute to see Paul on here! Ha, ha!

Thanks for a celebratory post! I hope you enjoyed the game!

Susanne said...

P.S. Did Germany's Thomas Müller win the golden boot or have you heard? I know he was in the running with 5 goals and I don't think the one who scored was...but I'm not sure of that. If none of those with 5 goals scored today, the tie breaker was from assists and Müller had 3. Just curious. How neat would it be for a 20-year-old to win that in a World Cup?

Chiara said...

Susanne--thanks for both your comments. You were really into this! to answer your question, yes Muller won, and here are the others:

* Golden Ball: Uruguay Diego Forlán (Uruguay)
* Golden Boot: Germany Thomas Müller (Germany)
* Golden Glove: Spain Iker Casillas (Spain)
* Best Young Player: Germany Thomas Müller (Germany)
* FIFA Fair Play Trophy: Spain

My experience of Dutch travellers is that they are intrepid, and as one Dutch colleague said to me, "No matter where I go in the world, no matter how remote, I find another Dutchman!".

I thought of Paul after Wendy's comment on the previous post--he deserves his place in the limelight! :)

Thanks again for your comments!

Susanne said...

Thanks for the info! Samer told me Muller won the golden boot, but I didn't know about the others. So, thanks! Paul should win the Golden something...retirement, yes?

Yeah, we met a couple of Dutch people in Syria at the hostel where we stayed. They were probably my least favorite people, but I won't judge a whole country on one woman who upon learning we were from the US said with incredulity, "And they let you in here?" We laughed, but she was probably my least fave European that I met. Well, the Turks were always high it seemed ..but at least they were friendly!

My favorite non-Arabs in Syria were the Australians! They were as funny and friendly as folks back home in the Southern US. Just their accents were different. :)

I put this on my blog just yesterday. It's from my mom's "Grandmother's Journal" and a memory from her childhood. Since it pertains to the Dutch, I'll copy it here.

Just so you'll know I think most of them are probably very friendly folks! Or they can appreciate friendliness anyway. :)


"Also I enjoyed reading of their time in Europe among the friendly Dutch people and how the chef and waiters at one restaurant enjoyed their friendly, fun family so much, they sent out cupcakes with happy faces for dessert 'compliments of the chef.'"


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