Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fun with Food Art--Foodies and Photographers Do Your Thing!

I have to agree with Lebanese blogger Mustapha, of The Beirut Spring, the idea of "Food Flags" is "Pure Genius", and the "results turned up to be fantastic". It makes sense, that his national flags made with the main cuisines of the specific countries would turn out so well, he has a degree in graphic design!

Of his 12 creations, shown below, his favourites "are the Italian, the Japanese and the Indian flags", adding: "a special mention goes to our completely edible Lebanese flag, made from Lebanese flat bread, tomatoes, cucumbers and Parsley. I would have also added Labneh to the middle though."

I would separate my votes into 2 categories: aesthetics, and dining.

The country flags above are: Australia (White Ensign), Brazil, France, Greece, Italy, India, Japan, South Korea, Lebanon, Spain, Switzerland, Vietnam.

Shall I mention how much trouble I had identifying the flag of Brazil, WHILE WEARING MY BRAZIL WORLD CUP 2010 T-SHIRT!!!??? No, best edit that out. :)

My favourites are:
Aesthetics--Australia, Brazil, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam
Dining--Brazil, France, Greece, Italy, India, Lebanon, Switzerland, Vietnam
Honourable Mention--Spain, because I love the country, the national flag, and the food. I would have made the food flag with Serrano ham for the red bars (fesses), though.

To learn more about Mustapha, visit his About page, or read the profile done on him for The Arab Press Network, in English, or in French. There is also more information in all 3 places about his blog, The Beirut Spring, which is primarily focused on Lebanese society and politics, but sometimes deals with broader issues in MENA, or with Islam and the West.

Which of Mustapha's creations are your favourites, for aesthetics, and dining?
How would you make your national flag with national foods?
What other flags would you make and how?
Here is a little flag terminology to help you with your description (if you want to use it).
Here is a gallery of flags by design, with links to more.

Create your own food flag(s), of whatever country, and I will upload the picture(s) to the post (or a new one!).
Just give me a jpg (or other photo) link in a comment, with a description including the country name and the foods used.

If there are enough, I may contribute a photo of my own! :)
Easiest flag to create...never mind! :D


Wendy said...

Beautiful! If I had time I'd create something Canadian - hopefully somebody else will!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE these - so creative. I'm a bit stuck though as to what dish would represent the UK - our national dish is Chicken Tikka Masala (well, sort of). Plus, you don't get many blue foods

Chiara said...

I am glad you both enjoyed this.

Wendy--I understand your busyness. If you get around to it, or need a break do it later. I was thinking both the Canadian flag and the Quebec provincial (or national depending on one's perspective)fleur-de-lis are both more challenging than they seem. I hope others tackle each of them.

Shafiq--blue or blue-ish maybe: blue plums (find a British variety, or else we will just give you a wave on national provenance since the Brits eat plums), blueberries (whole, they turn purply otherwise), Blue Stilton Cheese (a blue cheese is used in the French flag), blue candies, or blue wrappings on candies. And, yes, what would the Brits have done without the cuisines from the Raj! Boiled mutton and peas! :D

I hope others will comment and share their artistic talents! :)

RenKiss said...

I love them. They look really good and they're creative. It's interesting to see all the creative things you can do with food.

Chiara said...

RenKiss--Welcome to my blog, and thank you for your comment. I am glad you liked this. It is interesting what one can do creatively with food. I have another post planned on that topic. Please read, enjoy, and comment on older and newer posts of interest. Thanks again!

Wafa' said...

the Italian one is so beautiful, i love Italian food. a very interesting post :)

Thanks Chiara :)

NidalM said...

I absolutely love this!

Doubly so because its Ramadan and I'm REALLY hungry :P Wonder if theres anything that looks like the pakistan flag :D An eaten watermelon crust and... err... a starfruit(?) should do the trick!

Chiara said...

Wafa--thanks for your comment and kind words. Yes, Italian food is (one of) the best! But then I am biased! :) I find Libyan food can be a nice Italian-Arab blend! :) Thanks again for your comment!

NidalM--Glad you liked it and thanks for your comment! No pic? You are one of the 3 I was counting on for pictification. The others are fasting too. Maybe you all keep eating the flags to break your fast before photographing them? I may have to re-post this after Ramadan, though a quorum of "my Muslims" gave me the go ahead. It is just too much fun to resist! :) Thanks again for your comment, and I am waiting for your Pakistani flag. How about chapatis for the white and okra curry for the green? Don't forget the vertical band of white on the left--or may be you noticed it before 5 minutes ago like I did :P :D

Anonymous said...

I've got it blue (purple) cabbage, chips for the white bit and sausages for the red bit - jobs a goodun

Chiara said...

Shafiq--perfect! Now between iftar and suhoor or shortly thereafter, the creation and a pic! :D

Anonymous said...

Lol..if only I had the time.

Chiara said...

Nonsense--this should be a priority! :P
Do the Tunisian flag if it inspires you more! LOL :D

Susanne said...

Very cute! I've seen the US flag done this way mostly with blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream on a cake.

Maybe a nice cool dessert after eating all these other flags. :)

Chiara said...

Susanne--thanks for the comment and the pic. Very well done, and HIGHLY edible :)

Anonymous said...

hmm... something's missing, wait, I know - kajmak and ajvar, pljeskavica, cevapcici, and sarma. <3 me hungry


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