Monday, October 25, 2010

Ms Samar Badawi Freed: Justice Prevails in Saudi Arabia!

Ms Samar Badawi, who had been jailed by a reactionary judge for disobedience towards a father who was clearly abusive and unfit to be her guardian or mahrem, is now free! This is a wonderful tribute to the legal  and social activism of her lawyer, Waleed Abu Alkhair, ably aided by Fouad Alfarhan, and others. The judge, Justice Abdullah Othaim, is being investigated by the Saudi judicial system with regards to his behaviour in this case.

What impresses me most about this case is that the means were found within the Saudi judicial system to provide Ms Badawi with true justice. That included social activism based on sound legal reasoning and the true facts of the case, as well as continuing to work through the court system. Ms Badawi was released with her uncle as her appropriate guardian, and is now free to rejoin the family who has stood behind her, and most significantly her 8-year-old son. The mahrem system remains in its unique form in Saudi Arabia, but the means were found to make it genuinely protective of Ms Badawi.

Hopefully others will now be spared, as the legal system and judiciary continue to evolve in Saudi Arabia.

Congratulations to Ms Badawi, her family members, and her legal and social activist teams!

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Wendy said...

That's a good news story, Chiara. Her situation was simply unbelievable and the judge who was keeping her in jail .... frightening!

oby said...

that is wonderful news! I hope many other women will have the same benefit!

Anonymous said...

I am very happy the poor lady is out of jail, her father was really bad guy, the influence of good people worked well.

Majed said...

May God have mercy upon Justice and decency and morals Amen.(justice smothered, the cover of decency and morals was torn off when a daughter agreed to make private matter public).

It is said they are trying to improve the judiciary system here, instead, they undermine it integrity, clarity of it decisions and independence,with public figures interference and media involvement in some cases, specially trivial family affair case like this, even though, if she was jailed without charge I am happy she is out. But there are cases more worthy of activisim than this one.

It was Daughter and Father case, People who capitalized on human weakness (father and daugher failed to solve family maters within family ) and fished in troubled waters got fame,name and in addition some will get new similar cases and others huge circle of adoring followers on face book, blogs, and twitter etc the family have to live blakened face.

She won hearts of people who campaigned for her, on the ground that her father rejected marriage proposals, and took her money and physically aused her , but the father did not want to spread his dirty laundry in public, she had married twice before and divorced (why) , so the pretext of preventing her from marriage is baseless , the first one was her lover with whom she had illicit relations (as her father says) , and among arabs a marriage after pre-marriage relation hardly lasts, because we always think, if she was going out with us , then how many others might have taken her out before us and while with us, and we will always remind her that we have picked her at road side and she will always be distrusted and suspected, eventually the marriage collapses (same thing happened to her) her father says that he only knew she lived in jeddah not the same city he lives I dont know he could have disturbed her.

Her second marriage was to a friend of her morally corrupt brother who was prisoned for a Moral crime could be (pimping or adultery) with whom she took refuge(her father said).
she also said her father used to take her money, but the only work she had for a brief period is at beauty saloon, what she gets at one hardly covers transportation and her ….. , you know why yet most girls like to work at saloons here, because dating,smoking etc is easy there than at home (this from my experience and one can investigate to confirm).

I think that is enough slandering (because I am saying what her father said without proof) and for that islamically I am liable to 80 lashes for this, but I thought it was necessary to speak for her father too.

But, all this does not mean that I claim that Justice and guardianship system is perfect it is not.
Though I am not a Hanafi Muslim myself, but I prefer Abu Hanifa School of of Islamic Jurisdiction, which is followed partly or wholly by more than 50% muslims around the world, specially in uniquely adopted concept which states that women are entitled to marry themself to good men without guardians consent if guardians were unfair or unfit, yet, even the followers of this school rarely apply this concept because our societies are male dominant, and in general human kingdom is male dominant, when it comes to their control over their females they turn deaf ears even to God. And even in those place where women got some of their right they got because males thought it is ok.

Susanne said...

Thanks for sharing this good news!


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