Thursday, November 18, 2010

7th Annual Brass Crescent Awards 2010/1431: Vote (Quick!) for Favourite Blogs and Bloggers; Discover New Ones!

I originally went to the voting site of the Brass Crescent Awards--which annually award the best Muslim blogs and bloggers internationally in a number of categories (including Best non-Muslim Blogger for the blog written by a non-Muslim that is most respectful of Islam and seeks genuine dialogue with Muslims)--to vote for Pakistani-American Jehanzeb Dar of Muslim Reverie, who has been nominated in the best writer category, and is most worthy of that nomination.

While at the Brass Crescent Awards 2010/1431 site,  I discovered other blogs I follow, and voted for them; was reminded of blogs I come across occasionally, and made a note to visit more frequently; and discovered new ones I would like to check out more carefully, and will.

I was pleased to see that 30 Mosques 30 States has been nominated for best post, Day 1 – New York, Ground Zero Mosque (Pt. 2). I was so struck by that post, and its opening line, "Dude, it’s just a mosque", that I featured it here, as part of a post Lailat Al Qadr: Praying Taraweeh at "Ground Zero Mosque"/ Cordoba House/ Park51 NYC. Ultimately I highlighted, through summary posts, all of the 30 Mosques and 30 States stops: Aman's and Bassam's Ramadan Road Trip: 30 Mosques, 30 States, 30 Days--American Muslims From Coast to Coast Part I; Part II; Part III. The road trip taken during the month of Ramadan by 2 young Muslim American photographer-journalists, provided the rest of us with a greater visual and narrative appreciation of the diversity of Muslim Americans, their lengthy history in the USA, and their contemporary achievements and challenges.

Depending on where you are in the world, voting ends at some time on Friday November 19 or Saturday November 20.

The official announcement states that polls close at 5am on Saturday November 20 UTC (London GMT), which is 9pm Friday November 19 PST (Los Angeles, Vancouver) and 12am on Saturday November 20, 2010 EST (New York, Montreal).

I would encourage you to vote for your favourites, including ones you didn't realize were nominated but like; and to discover some new blogs, or blogs new to you. I was pleased to read that measures have been taken to prevent repeat voting by the same person. Good blogging ethics!

Vote now, and you don't have to worry about time zones!

Any favourites already nominated, or new discoveries?
Other thoughts, comments, impressions?

*Update: 1350 votes were tallied, and the winners and runners up have been announced. Apparently the results were close in most categories and, based on the blogs I know or have learned about, all nominees were worthy. Of note to Chez Chiara readers, 30 Mosques 30 States won as Best Media Blog (Pioneer or leader in audio podcast, photography or video about Muslim issues); and the post Day1: New York, Ground Zero Mosque there won Honorable Mention in the Best Post or Series Category.

Agree with the results or not?


oby said...

I would have no idea about who to vote for but it is a treasure trove of great blogs! Thanks for the info.

Wendy said...

Ditto! Thanks for the info!


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