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Art & Creativity, Technology, and Innovation Youth (15-24) Competition for All Saudis, and non-Saudi Residents موقع عربي للمنافسة

The Most Competitive Youth Competition (MYC) is a new competition that is currently reminding potential competitors of the event, the upcoming deadline of Dec 1, 2010, and that 8-10 of the winners, in addition to other awards and opportunities, will be invited to a British Museum-Offscreen Expedition.

Although  the deadline is soon, as one of my mentors would say, "Let's do it, we have days"; and another would say, "You always should have something ready for these kinds of opportunities. What do you have that's near completion and fits?"  A third mentor reminds of the obvious, "You can't get it if you don't submit for it"; and a fourth points out, "If you apply now, you will be a better candidate for next year's competition."

I would strongly encourage those who are eligible to give serious consideration to participating. The process of applying and fine tuning a project, and the mentoring provided are well worth while as a learning experience, if nothing else. More information follows below, and full information is available on the official website in English and Arabic.

Adhering closely to the requirements and judging criteria are key in this type of exercise. If there are aspects that you don't like, or you don't like structure, consider both of these issues as heuristic devices.

For the rest of us, I think it is interesting to be aware of this type of initiative, its aims, and components. I was impressed, though not surprised, at the professionalism, generosity, and complexity of the endeavour. Though obviously students with at least moderate means will be favoured, there have been efforts to provide free resources, and make the competition open to all who are either Saudi or non-Saudi residents of the Kingdom, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or nationality.

From the Most Competitive Youth (MYC) Website

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) in collaboration with strategic international global partners (Microsoft, Cisco & Edge of Arabia / Off screen) have developed an overall comprehensive methodology and criteria for the youth competition that embodies the qualities and attributes of the 21st Century skill sets necessary to develop innovative and creative entrepreneurial leaders, and encourage and recognize today’s most talented and competitive youth under the platform of the Global Competitiveness Forum.


The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), Microsoft, Cisco and Edge of Arabia /Off screen have agreed to a strategic partnership designed to create a new competitive platform for developing, recognizing, and nurturing the most competitive youth in Saudi Arabia.
(The United Nations, for statistical purposes, defines ‘youth’, as those persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years.)

The Most Competitive Youth Awards is a strategic initiative that will engage youth in Saudi Arabia (Saudi nationals and Saudi residents) in applying 21st Century skill sets to improving their communities, inspiring creativity, promoting innovation, and bringing Saudi Arabia’s economy to the forefront of competitiveness.

The purpose of this project is to create, promote and launch a unique competition that challenges youth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to demonstrate their global competitiveness by applying 21st Century Skills sets while encouraging and fostering creative and innovative pursuits.

How it Serves Competitiveness?
Talent has become an increasingly key strategic asset for both nations and corporations. Across the globe, developed and developing countries, are at the forefront of expanded investments in education and programs to augment and build up the capabilities of their youth.

More specifically, driven by the growing imperatives of entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness, as well as sustainability concerns, each of these countries has come to the realization that encouraging and developing young talent is both a national economic priority and technological necessity.


The Most Competitive Youth competition is a non-discriminatory, open competition for all Saudi nationals and non Saudi residents between the ages of 15-24. For Creativity, the age range will be 16-24 as of June 2011. (The United Nations, for statistical purposes, defines ‘youth’, as those persons between the ages of 15 and 24 years.)

Individuals and teams of youth are both invited to apply. However, the organizers of the Most Competitive Youth Competition have compiled the following set of eligibility rules to ensure compliance with the mission of the competition. All candidates are expected to satisfy the following rules for the overall MCY competition as well as the rules set out for each specific category:

1. The MCY is a competition for Saudi nationals and non Saudi residents.

2. If applicants choose to participate in the MCY as a team, participating teams must have at least half the team must be Saudi Nationals

3. The minimum size of a team is two participants

4. The maximum size of a team is eight participants – but the size varies within each category

5. The competition is for new, and unique ideas designed to fit the with MCY theme

6. Ideas or work previously presented in other competitions will not be accepted

7. All ideas and work submitted must be law-abiding and not conflicting with religious practices

8. Teams can be comprised of youth of different majors and levels

9. Use of any external assistance, i.e. companies, tutors, teachers, mentors, parents etc. is allowed as long as they provide only guidance or assistance. The work and ideas must be of the individual or the team


The first level of evaluation is done on the basis of the five core competitiveness criteria:

1. Content: Clarity, quality, relevance, comprehensiveness and impact of content and structure

2. Creativity: Uniqueness of idea presented and aesthetic value of presented designs and ideas

3. Innovation & Entrepreneurial Spirit: Demonstration of significant individuality and initiative as well as risk taking and leadership capabilities

4. Presentation Skills: Successfully presents ideas in a variety of forms. Demonstrates passion and belief in their ideas.

5. Technological Savvy: Effectively uses technology to showcase innovative ideas, apply creativity and share information

The 3 Types of Competition

ART & CREATIVITY Sponsor Edge of Arabia
A) Artwork (for example, a painting, drawing, collage or digital artwork)
B) Film (for example a video diary, a documentary or animation)
C) Photography (or series of photographs)

TECHNOLOGY Sponsor Microsoft
KODU CATEGORY [Game Lab-free download]
The Kodu category is a skill competition designed to recognize students who demonstrate excellence in a diverse range of technical, creative and game play depth and design in the use of Kodu Games Lab.
SOCIAL WEB CATEGORY [Microsoft small business office-free download]
The Social Web category is a social impact competition designed to recognize students who use social web and various tools to build authentic content to create awareness among the public about social problems.

INNOVATION Sponsor Cisco
The project aims at creating a competition for the youth between the ages of 15 and 24
in Saudi Arabia to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to improve their communities.
Innovation is meant to generate new ideas to solve and existing problem or address new opportunity. Fresh approach to the problem or challenge should be present. [sic]
The idea should present a solution to a clearly defined social problem within the areas of schools, universities and communities.


MYC is also available on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Your comments, thoughts, impressions?

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