Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hajj 2010/1431

The Hajj experience is a remarkable one for those who participate, the full measure of which is difficult to capture. Photographs, like the ones in previous posts and those below, re-ordered geographically from the Foreign Policy photo-article, The World Comes to Mecca, give some idea of the experience.

For more personal expressions, I would highly recommend Fouad AlFarhan's photo-journal of his Hajj experience this year 1431 الحج; and, the "tweet-log" of an American Muslim performing Hajj for the first time, compiled and posted by Fayiz Melibary, "The Dentographer" on his blog This Life I Lead, Hajj in the Eyes of a Stranger".


Preparing bottles of zamzam water (special water from the Zamzam Well created when Ibrahim's infant son Isma'il cried for water and kicked the ground with his heel, as his mother Hagar ran between the 2 hills of  Safa and Marwah searching for water; the well is now within the Grand Mosque, just east of the Kaaba which the house of worship Ibrahim re-built on the site of Adam's original

A Saudi security guard in front of a billboard in Makkah

Arriving in Makkah on the top of a bus

Friday jummah noon prayers at the Grand Mosque, praying in the shade of the minarets

Walking in a tunnel after noon prayers at the Grand Mosque

Evening prayers near the Grand Mosque

Night prayers at the Grand Mosque

After night prayers, the streets of Makkah

Mina Valley

Resting on the road to Mina

Resting and walking on the Makkah-Mina route

A man walking with his son (and son's stuffed toy) on the road between Mina and Makkah

The new light monorail train carrying pilgrims from Mecca to the holy sites of Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah


Overlooking Makkah from Noor Mountain, the location of the Hiraa cave where the Prophet Mohammed regularly went to pray; and where, at the age of 40, he first received the message of Islam, and became its Messenger.

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