Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chez Chiara est chez elle! Blog URL Back to Normal!:

Thank you all for your patience. The technical issues are over now. In the spirit of sharing what I have learned from this technicality, I have made a few suggestions below. Feel free to add yours in the comments.

Things to try if you are having trouble accessing a blog:
For a Blogger blog try the blog name or the blogger's usual sign in DOT
For a Wordpress blog try the blog name or the blogger's usual sign in DOT

For reading only:
Use a reader, like Google Reader, Blogger Reader, or other to read posts
Google the blog name-read a cached copy (cached copies may also work for blogs that have been blocked or deleted)

Please email the blogger if you have the contact information as the person may not be aware. I wasn`t until Susanne, whose blog midwifery services extend to a one-year checkup, notified me that Chez Chiara  was inaccessible.

If your blog becomes inaccessible via its custom domain URL:
Switch your settings to the host platform URL while addressing the underlying problem.
Notify readers by posting about it, since the posts will show in readers, or if the person googles the blog.
Email those for whom you have contact information.
Send messages via Google Followers to those following, or at least to the regular commentators among them.

Any other suggestions you would make about such a situation?

1 comment:

Susanne said... happy that I could assist this year old blog and glad to see you back! :)


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