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LIBYA 17TH FEBRUARY 2011--LIBYANS FOREVER IN UNITY. FROM BENGHAZI TO FEZZAN is an outstanding resource on current events in Libya--instantaneous, comprehensive, encyclopedic. The blog site includes uploads of videos, photos, maps, significant tweets, eyewitness reports, English translations of Arabic originals, and major coverage in Western newspapers. It also has messages for those on the ground such as the following:

Resources are uploaded chronologically but also grouped by the tabs in the right side bar: Images, Video, Audio, General, News, English Translations. Farther down the side bar are links to Live Video Stream from Benghazi Now;  Feb 17th Freedom. Democracy Tweeting from Eyewitnesses on the Ground; and, Libyan Radio; and, Video Gallery.

A search function opens that sidebar and tweets close it.

The site is highly professional in its esthetics, functionality, content, and ethics, scrupulously linking to all original sources. Each blog entry is striking, yet certain stood out for me, whether because I haven't seen the information elsewhere, or because it was so crucial or explanatory. They include BREAKING: Graphic images from Tripoli Hospital 20-21 February; BREAKING: Many rape victims in Tripoli last night. [after Gadafi's house-to-house cleansing speech]; BREAKING: The washing of a dead baby killed by Gaddafi’s mercenaries yesterday [video]; BREAKING: Chinook [helicopter] filmed over Jumhuriya Street, Tripoli (Feb 21) [video] and a great many more which are updating in my Google Reader frequently and regularly. Some are Leaked, for example, Leaked: Protesters being shot outside Security Directorate in Benghazi prior to its liberation [video]; Leaked: Martyrs who fell during Al Fudail barracks siege prior to Benghazi’s liberation [video]; and, Leaked footage of mercenaries storming Benghazi house prior to freedom [video].

The above interactive map, Mapping Violence Against Pro-Democracy Protests in Libya, is another excellent visual and source of information.

Another blog of great interest is THE LIBYAN YOUTH MOVEMENT FEB 17th FREEDOM-DEMOCRACY-REGIME CHANGE.  This site has a Paypal account for Libyan Relief, with all funds going to medical assistance, medical supplies, and related logistics (eg. transportation). There is a named contact for further information: Naeem Gheriany naeem @ easy . com.

Finally, a video linked in a blog post on LIBYA 17TH FEBRUARY 2011--LIBYANS FOREVER IN UNITY. FROM BENGHAZI TO FEZZAN:

More on Libya to follow...

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Your comments, thoughts, impressions, experiences, resource recommendations?

This is the screen shot of the blog at the time I completed this post.  It shows their 5th post since the first screen shot taken when I began this post about 1 1/2 hours ago.

Addendum: It seems that while posts from Libya 17th February arrive correctly in my Google Reader, they are subsequently tampered with such that the videos are replaced with benign Youtube songs or clips (eg about camping at Antarctica). Clicking through to the actual site shows that the site itself is intact. This began this morning and persists. Any explanations?


jaraad said...

Really an outstanding resource. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey... I'm so glad you did a blog post on this. I saw your comment earlier and starred your blog... I'm glad I did because the site appears to be down.... I really hope nothing bad happened... I've been following it for a few days and it's giving me a 403 Forbidden error.

Chiara said...

Jaraad-thank you! I value your seconding my opinion!

Anonymous-thank you for your comment. The site is back up after fixing some technical issues:

And we’re back!
Posted on February 24, 2011 by admin

Apologies for the slight downtime. We had a few technical glitches which we have now successfully resolved.

Now, back from where we left off.

Regarding my addendum, I left a comment on the blog to that effect and sent an email to the administration.

I received a reply in a very short time which was highly appreciative and concerned about correcting the issue. The administration is particularly happy that their posts are reaching others and that the blog is seen as professional.

I really wish them and the Libyan people all the best.

Thanks again for your comment and welcome to my blog. I hope you find other posts of interest and comment when you feel inspired to do so.


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