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February 26th 2011: Day of Demonstrations Across Canada to Support Libya/Libyans

As these posters announce, the main protest will be held on Parliament Hill, Ottawa from 1-4pm on February 26th. However there will be protests held across Canada at similar local times on the same day. The Libya Rally Facebook site is continuously updated as new protests are announced. The rallies are being organized on Facebook by Enough-Khalas/Ottawa, originally started for the Egyptian Revolution, and which have demonstrated as well for Bahrain, and RubyDo RubyDo.

To date the following rallies in support of Libya are planned for February 26:

Fredericton: 12pm
Ottawa: Parliament Hill @1-4pm
Toronto: Dundas Square with a march to Queens Park @ 12-4pm
Windsor: Windsor City Hall @ 2pm
London: Victoria Park @ 2 pm
Winnipeg: Manitoba Legislative Building @ 2-4pm
Edmonton: Churchill Square- Downtown @1-3pm
Vancouver: Vancouver Public Library @1pm

The goal as stated by Sawsan Wehbe in a comment on the website Libya February 17 (see also my earlier post):
We believe by uniting our efforts nationally, we will capture the attention of our politicians, the media, the Canadian public at large, and the international community. With one voice.

The full version of the following interview clip with Anderson Cooper of a Tripoli woman, taking great risk to do so, is compelling, in its plea that the outside world care about Libya and remember the Libyan people, while those especially in Tripoli await the threatened massacre.

A CBC interview with a woman whose Libyan husband was in Benghazi is also compelling, as she testifies to the very slow response of the Canadian government, whether in aid of Canadian citizens in Libya or in humanitarian aid, and political support for the human rights of Libyans. Only after the media became involved did the Canadian government move to evacuate citizens there.

The following article reports on an earlier demonstration on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada, with pictures and video:

Protesters gather on Hill to press for change in Libya
By Meghan Hurley, The Ottawa Citizen February 21, 2011

OTTAWA — About 100 protesters marched on Parliament Hill on the weekend to press for changes in Libya after the country responded with lethal force to an uprising against Col. Moammar Gadhafi.

The Libyan-Canadians, many of whom still have family in their home country, held signs that read “Set Libya Free” and “Over 40 years of oppression” as they marched on Parliament Hill shouting “No Gadhafi. Gadhafi no more!”

“We’re here to raise awareness about the indiscriminate killing that’s happening by Gadhafi’s hired thugs,” said Balqees Mihiria, who helped to organize the protest. “They’ve been arresting journalists, they’ve been arresting activists, anybody who speaks out has been arrested if they get found out.”

Libya's 'Revolutionary Committees' have vowed not to allow protesters to “plunder the achievements of the people and threaten the safety of citizens and the country’s stability.”

With files from Citizen news services


Since that rally on Monday, events in Libya have spiralled and Gaddafi's brutality has resulted in many more deaths (up to 1000 and counting), and injuries (~5000). Medical supplies, blood, and medical personnel are needed. Morale is also an important factor.

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Your comments, thoughts, impressions?
Do you know of rallies in support of Libya or other MENA countries in your area?
*For those planning to attend, posters are available here.

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Majed said...

To tell the Truth,I wonder why libyans felt miserable and had to revolt,they have about 1.5 million immigrant workers in their country, which denotes construction and development was going on, and, personally I have never seen a libyan immigrant in gulf who is looking for job, I have hardly known libyans in any other other form than lavishly spending pilgrims and tourists,and libyans are known to haunt countries like Egypt,Tunisia, Algeria etc to boast their weatlh and they can travel to Italy without a Visa isnt that strange !!!! unless Libyans think that freedom to worship,food,health care,free eduction, security and stability are not all that people need for decent living then they have all right to revolt.

I hope no one is pulling strings from behind the scene, and these people are not mere puppets,soon food supplies will deminish,water will be scarce I am only worried about young children and women who would suffer the most, I also pray The Qadhafi Family keep Ayesha out of it I am sure no one would want any disgrace to come of her I hope she realizes that too.


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