Sunday, March 13, 2011

More on Saudi Arabia's March 11, 2011 "Day of Rage": Why It Was Called For but Calm

This photo accompanies the article "Eight Reasons Why Saudi Arabia's 'Day of Rage' Fizzled" (Photo credit: AP Images)

I discovered the BBC video report "Saudi Kingdom and the struggle for democratic freedom" after yesterday's posting, "Saudi Arabia's March 11, 2011 'Day of Rage'", and thought it merits a separate post.

The Saudi based reporter, Sue Lloyd Robertson, author of the article, "Saudi Arabia show of force stifles 'day of rage' protests" featured in yesterday's post, travelled with her crew to different places within the KSA and interviewed a number of Saudis on the need for reform (or not), how it should come about, and why demonstrating is so dangerous. The report addresses underlying issues like political imprisonment, censorship, poverty, tribal councils, the general conservatism of the population, and the Islamic injunction to obey the rule of law not usually invoked in other accounts.

Robertson and her crew were arrested and much of their film confiscated, then released. One assumes that the teacher/protester who gave them an interview on camera, and who was also mentioned in the print article, remains under arrest.

Watching this video is 10:38 minutes well spent.

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