Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trying to Understand which Arab Countries are Rebelling and Why: In Demographics and Maps

On my way to pictifying the earlier post, "The Arab Awakening and Shifting Oil Sands: Obama's Georgetown Speech; "Ethical Oil"; Canada's Bible Belt", I discovered a very interesting set of demographic maps of MENA courtesy of the compilation "The new Arab Awakening" by Philippe Rekacewicz in Le Monde Diplomatique English Edition (March 2011).

Part of the interest was in the surprises among the statistics for each country; the other part was in how much other parametres like attitudes and actions of the leadership, including the ruler, the armed forces, and the interior security apparatuses of each country play a part Also, perhaps the nature of the regime, and its historical context, along with the demographics, and the attitudes and actions of the leadership of a country would go further towards an explanation of who, how, and why now.

The maps follow. Verrrry interesting!

The Overview

In larger format here.

Higher Education/ Internet Connectivity

Illiteracy Rates (ages 15-25)/ Proportion of Population Under 25

Proportion of the Population Under the Nationally Defined Poverty Line

The impact of seeing this information mapped and in juxtaposition?
Who has revolted in the past and who is revolting now?
Where the strategic routes are?
The correlation or not of higher education and internet connectivity?
The correlation or not of internet connectivity and rebellion?
The absence of poverty statistics for all states of the Arabian Peninsula except Yemen?
The absence of that and youth population and illiteracy statistics for Iraq?


Anonymous said...

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Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

a thorough analytical post :)
I thank you

Majed said...

I am not joking didn't you forget the chart for relation between obesity,number of saving accounts,deposit accounts,wives with Rebellion,may be you didn't, it is possible that poverty chart covers that all.

It is amazing what money does it shuts all mouths up with plenty of food and sweets.


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