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Hijabi Fashion Week May 2011--Participate!

Hijabi Fashion Week, which was inaugurated in November 2010 by blogger Em of Modesty Theory, is now a semi-annual event with a new website, a Facebook event page, sponsorship, and greater possibilities for all to participate.

Hijab, or dressing modestly, is part of Islam. How it is expressed is relative to the social mores of the time, place, and circumstance. Individuals, women and men, make personal choices within those religious and socio-cultural contexts. Non-Muslims also make decisions about dressing modestly within their religious and socio-cultural contexts. Non-Muslims living in or visiting Muslim countries should expect to adjust their attire accordingly--as they would for other more and less conservative countries than their own.

Like other fashions, hijabi fashion has its own styles and trends. One way to either learn or get fresh ideas is to visit hijabi fashion blogs. Hijabi Fashion Week encourages invited fashion bloggers to submit their styles for each of a seven themed days. This year the official participants' contributions are posted as a fashion magazine within the blog post for the day. In addition, other bloggers are invited to do their own  fashion blog posts for the days and to link them within the main site's blog post. Instructions are given on each day's post about how to do so, after 12am on the day, and for up to 2 weeks after each day. Non-bloggers can post to the Facebook event page.

From the blog's About page:
Hijabi Fashion Week (HFW) is an international event drawing readers from more than 70 countries. The main purpose of HFW is to provide inspiration for fashionably modest yet, hijab friendly attire for all types of occasions. It's a little like Fashion Week, but online, and our version of it.

HFW is a semiannual event held in May and November. During the event, Muslim bloggers showcase new looks everyday for a week under a variety of different categories, ranging from work to weekend wear and everything in between.

Despite it's name, HFW isn't only for Muslims or Hijabis, it's for anyone with an interest in dressing fashionably modest.

The week has just begun, so there is time to participate as a reader, blogger, or Facebook follower!

From the website, the categories and schedule are:
Day 1 (May 30) - Work Wear
Us girls got to make some money! What would you wear in a professional environment?

Day 2 (May 31) - Formal Attire
Whether it's traditional/cultural, black tie event, weddings, or anything else, show us how you get dressed up for formal event!

Day 3 (June 01) - Work Out Wear
A new category, but so essential! What do you wear when exercising, going to the gym, or anything to stay active and fit?

Day 4 (June 02) - Date Night
If you're married, you know what this is all about! Share how you can dress up an outfit for a night out with your husband (or future husband for all us single ladies out there)!

Day 5 (June 03) - Jummah
Jummah Jamaat (Friday Prayer) is very specific to Islam and the sunnah says to wear something simple, clean, and new if you can! What's your favorite thing to wear when visiting the mosque?

Day 6 (June 04) - Vacation / Travel
Time to kick back and relax! What do you wear on vacation or while traveling?

Day 7 (June 05) - Party Hostess
Last HFW we had Girls' Night Out, but this year YOU are the hostess! What would do you wear when you call your girls over to hang out? What kind of parties or get-togethers do you like best?
Em and Asma have done an excellent job in promoting and developing Hijabi Fashion Week, and creating an outstanding blog site.

Enjoy and participate!

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*Thanks to Ellen of Steadily Emerging with Grace, for writing about Hijabi Fashion Week May 2011 in her most recent blog post, "Back! And why the bad feelings?".


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