Monday, May 9, 2011

Osama bin Laden--Watching Himself on Television, Or...

The above picture is the one I have seen most often on news reports, on Osama bin Laden narcissistically watching himself on television, studying how he looks, what is being said about him, etc. Often, comment is made on the rickety state of the television and the room, and on Osama's aged, grey, hunched posture, huddled in a large old blanket.

A few questions come to mind.

Is that really Osama or is it one of those aged uncles many have, the one who drops in for a "visit", overstays, and is made comfortable, but not too comfortable?

Is this in his "cave in the mountains", or his million dollar compound/home in Abbottabad?

Is he really watching himself? Or were the screen pictures below superimposed? 

So far, the most consistent thought that comes to mind everytime I see the photos, is imagining Osama/Uncle of Osama, saying the Arabic equivalent of, "Blah, blah, blah, get on to the football scores".

Your comments, thoughts, impressions?

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Countrygirl said...

he could have thought "i told my barber that the new beard dye was too dark! I look like an old lady with blue hair"

oby said...

I think it most likely that it is really him watching himself. Either he or someone else is recording this "person" watching TV. Perhaps it is being recorded for posterity or for the same reason he is watching himself above... narcissism.

Otherwise what the heck would be the reason to record great uncle watching the football game? Who would find that interesting and why would that be in the compound? Maybe Osama was into home movies, but I am thinking probably not.

Wendy said...

I was watching the women of The View make lots of jokes about the man watching himself (if it was Bin Laden) and I was thinking to myself that I would bet the 'women' watch themselves on television more often than not. What a silly thing to make a big deal of IMHO.

Susanne said...

I think if I were having to hide out, I'd like to see what the world was saying about me and see how I still (hopefully) impacted my little group of thugs. ~ thinking like OBL

It had to have been boring if you rarely left the compound!

It is interesting to think of who might have taken the video. Daughter? Son? "Here is dad watching TV and seeing how the infidels are talking about him after the latest bombing Al Qaeda took credit for. See what we do for fun here in this 'cave'?"

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

The picture reminds me of one of the ambiguous pictures I was shown in a battery of psychologica/personality tests years ago; then asked to say what I saw in the picture. Whatever the story you came up with said more about you than what was actually going on in the picture.

Leave it to the propogandists to tell us what we are seeing.

Wendy said...

How true!!!

Susanne said...

testing to see if comments are back

oby said...


what happened to your last two posts? I can't find them...

Chiara said...

Susanne-thanks for testing.
Oby-thanks for your concern.

Blogger had a problem and was down for about 24hrs that I can tell. To fix the problem they removed all posts from Wed on, and only now restored them.

The comments from that time period are not up yet, but I will put them up again from my Google Reader copies if they don't appear shortly.

Thanks to all who commented on this and other posts.
I always read and appreciate all the comments, even when I don't get back to reply as I would like.

I will make more substantive comments on this and the other posts once things are back to normal, or to the "new normal".

Thanks again!


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