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George Galloway Eviscerates the "Holocaust Justification" vs Palestinian Statehood (Arabic subtitles لماذا لا يمتلك الفلسطينيين حقاً في الأرض الموعودة؟)

George Galloway leading Viva Palestina humanitarian convoy, London, 2009

After the post, "Obama's Diminution on Palestinian Demand to UN", I was reflecting on the fact that Israel came into existence by a 1947 UN vote (33 for, 13 against, 10 abstentions) on its statehood, after the British handed responsibility for its troublesome mandate--Zionist terrorism against the British, clashing Jewish (Zionist) and Arab nationalisms--to the UN. This fact is neglected in all the talk against Palestine submitting to a UN vote its motion for full (or partial) membership status at the UN. As is the fact that the Arab nations' appeal to the International Court of Justice was also put to a vote, which they also lost.

  In favour
  Switched to in favour
  Not UNO member

The result of the 1947 vote was "UN Resolution 181", United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 (II) Future Government of Palestine (adopted November 29, 1947), which included the United Nations Partition Plan--2 states, one Jewish [a religion, and an ethnicity or race, depending on your definition], the other Arab [an ethnicity or race, depending on your definition] for Palestine, with detailed definitions of their borders. Resolution 181 also included provisions for religious and minority rights, and economic unity between the two states. This plan further provided a non-European state which would receive European Jews displaced during the Holocaust and WWII. Outsourcing one's refugee problem, if you will.

The timeline of this 1947 plan was: November 29, 1947 beginning of UN transitional powers; August 1, 1948-withdrawal of British troops; UN transitional government; October 1, 1948-the 2 independent states established; ongoing UN governance of Jerusalem.

This proposed timeline was interrupted by: the November 30, 1947 beginning of the 1947–1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine (between Jewish and Arab forces in Jerusalem while the withdrawing British forces looked on), lasting until the British Mandate ended May 14, 1948; the May 14, 1948 Israeli Declaration of Independence announced by David Ben-Gurion; the May 14, 1948 beginning of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War; the 1949 Armistice agreements between Israel and neighbouring Arab countries, which resulted in greater territorial gains for Israel, the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza,the Golan Heights (Syria) and the Sinai Peninsula (now returned to Egypt), and the drawing of armistice lines (the Green Line, modified after the 1967 Six-Day War or Naksah, "setback") since debated as or considered permanent borders.

While I was reflecting on all this, a Saudi friend sent me the video below--much to my delight! I admire George Galloway's stand on and actions for Palestine, and his verbal abilities. I first became aware of this (now former) British MP when he participated in a 2007 Doha Debate. I have followed his (mis-)adventures in attempting to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza despite the Quartet supported Israeli embargo, Canada's refusal of entry to him for a speaking tour because of it (while on his way to speak at the UN, ie with entrance into the USA), and his successful court case against the Canadian Harper government in response.

In the short video below, Galloway politely but persistently undoes the logic of the Holocaust justification for the existence of Israel at the expense of the existence of Palestine, and the sacrifice of the Palestinian people(s).

Your comments, thoughts, impressions?

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I found this rather strong ed op on Al Jazeera yesterday

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Finally had time to listen to George Galloway who I also like and it was a great video! He was bang on with his comment.


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