Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallowe'en 2011!

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Happy Hallowe'en! [on background to the holiday]

Share your favourite Hallowe'en stories, experiences past and present!
Did you go out this year (yourself, with children, etc)?
Did you give out candy?
Did you have/attend a costume party?
Do you think ET should phone home? ;)


oby said...

This might be my daughter's last Halloween. *sniff sniff* wah!!!!!

My daughter had pans with a friend to go but the friend backed out a few days before. So my daughter was going to hand out candy. But then the big day arrived and she was not wanting to miss the fun...but she had to go alone as it was too late to hook up with anyone else to go.

She is 12 and was really arguing with herself about going. She felt so ambivalent about it. I took her to an old neighborhood of ours because she didn't want anyone she knew seeing her trick or treat. She hit a few houses and gave up. I then took her to the neighborhood (subdivision)behind us where no one knows her. She then was willing to go but by then it was dark so no one saw her plus there were a lot of kids her age or older out. She was dressed in a 1950's pink poodle skirt with a pink sweater and a wide belt, bobby socks and penny loafers (actually her school shoes). She had a high pony tail, with a long scarf tied in her hair and one short one tied around her neck. She looked sensational.

I followed along in the car ( it was a subdivision, not a busy street) on the other side of the road at a respectable distance because God forbid she be seen with her mother!! But she was't going out alone in a place I didn't know so we had to compromise. She told me I look like a stalker...I told her I would risk it....

Ultimately she had fun and was glad she went, But good Lord! So much dithering! I told her next year she should throw a sheet over her head and go as the original ghost. Then she doesn't have to worry about who knows her. Problem solved.

God they grow up so fast!!! Not long ago I was the one she wanted to go with...and it was ok if people actually saw me!

Wendy said...

Cute, Oby!!! Yes they grow up fast. I went to visit the grandkids (a witch and a Jedi) who are still young enough to be really excited about the candies, costumes, etc. and are happy to have a parent with them. My son loves Hallowe'en so made a really scary scene by their entrance complete with monsters, talking trees, etc.
I remember the days when it was absolutely safe to let kids go by themselves once they were school age. Some areas stop trick/treating altogether but I'm happy it's still done here. Kids do like it a lot!

oby said...


I always love those houses that go all out and make a little scene. Some are really amazing complete with music, sound effects, smoking cauldrons etc. I think it is wonderful that in this crazy world there is still a holiday where people can trust each does take some trust to take candy from strangers and then consume it. It would break my heart if it was cancelled. I don't know about Canada but here in the States Halloween is huge with the adult crowd. I grew up in the era when it was a kids holiday, and I still think of it that way so I never got into the adult aspect of it...but some adults enjoy it as much or more than the kids...not trick or treat but costume dances and parties. I'm sure your grandkids were adorable...enjoy it while it lasts!

Wendy said...

Oby, it's big with adults here as well. Private parties, big parties in clubs, employees in most businesses and retail outlets dress up in costume. It is not my thing so I don't go to parties and only dress up under duress. I enjoyed it as a kid but once I hit my teens I kinda lost interest. When my kids were little it was fun and now it's fun to watch my grandkids. Fortunately they live in a community where it is safe to trick/treat (parents are always close by) but in many areas kids just don't go out anymore but have private parties instead. That is sad because I think it was the fun of going out in the dark and seeing scary things, getting candy and so on.


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