Sunday, November 6, 2011

!عيد مبارك Eid Al-Adha Mubarak! 1432/2011

Eid Mubarak!

!عيد مبارك

Greetings and Blessings This Eid-Al-Adha!


Wendy said...

How do you all celebrate? My husband worked till midnight yesterday and I worked during the day so I couldn't do anything for him but will make his favorite Saudi Kapsa today.

Chiara said...

Wendy-thanks for your comment and question. Your husband is a lucky man! Mine is out of town at the moment, so...very quiet Eid. Usually we spend it with friends, or if in Morocco, with family. The great food and the immense joyousness are what stick out in my mind, along with the story of Ibrahim and Ishmael of course.

I hope others will share their experiences!

majed said...

I spent very lovely Eid ul Fitr with my family in India,but, I had to cut my vacation short after spending two months and missed Eid Addahiyah with my family,because my colegue `s son in KSA had gone into comma after an accident and I was obliged to come back,even though my wife and children were crying not to go,but this is life.

In India Eids have very special meaning and tones,but I am sorry to say there is one thing very special missing since long, our Hindu brothers do not share the happiness and joy with us as they used to do in the past,to tell the turth neither do we share them during their festival,if you ask me who started the boycotting, I thing it is the regligious political parties from both sides who spreads the bad blood,may be we all have to learn the Yogoslavian leasson the hard way too,but I pray to Almighty Allah not to.

There is one thing that makes me feel sad on Eid Addahiyah,because it is also the of day when Saddam Husain was martyred and made immortal

Wendy said...

It is very sad with what has happened between Muslims and Hindus in India. I'm sorry you had to cut your vacation short as I know how much it meant to you and your family.

oby said...


My husband told me that years ago when he was small and even as recently as 20 years ago, it was fun to have these celebrations on both sides because everyone attended everyone else's celebration. He has been gone from India for 17 or so years so maybe it changed since then. Really too bad...When we were there for our marriage he introduced me to a couple who wanted to get married. One was hindu and one was Muslim...I don't remember which was which but I think the girl was Muslim, guy Hindu. Neither was converting and the families were giving them some grief on both sides. We had lunch with them and they were so very nice. I often wondered how things worked out for them marriage and family wise. They were so much in love and willing to work through the religious issue..too bad the families weren't.

majed said...

Thank you for feeling for me and for you kindness.

In places where muslims and hindus still living with each other in harmony and where they occasionally have to meat each other it is impossible to stop chemistry from making reations,male female admiration and attraction is inevitable it could happened to the most relegious of us,it happened to me too I got so fond of a gorgeous Marwadi girl that I found when watching a Bathukamma gathering and because of her I like all Marwadis, as they say in arabic (because of one person I love the the whole nation)
Hindu Muslim intermarriage has always been an issue, even after Emperor Akbar `s controversial but successful alliance marriage with The Rajpoots, I don't know how he might have reached to that interpreted judgement, that it is ok for him to marry a hindu girl,
may be he approved it based on the view point that says "neccessity permits the forbidden or knows no law"and it was for the harmony and common good of all his subjects and it is stupid to judge him.

I have tried to find any loophole
through which A muslim might marry from any relegion other than Christianity and Judaism but could not find any,IT IS FORBIDDEN,but a lot of things are forbidden like drinking,adultery,usury,gambling etc all are forbidden but most muslims do not care much about it, we always say Allah is most merciful and forgiving he will forgive us, but when it comes to intermarriages specially if it involves our females we raise hell and we forget that Allah is Most forgiving and merciful we have to kill the bitches, but in case of a male we feel proud of him as if he were a conqueror (bravo that `s my boy)this is what we say, even when when we show discontent, but deep inside this how we feel,it is also the same case with our Hindu brothers,and I will be lying if I said I am different but I am trying to be a fair person I feel one day I will be.
It all needs modern and revolutionary muslim jurists to explore things anew and give light to other viable deductions.


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