Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hacked Again!

Update: Fixed!

 The account associated with this blog (see Contact information) has been hacked, and a message sent about my "new and improved" dire financial straits, and the miraculous solution to everyone's financial problems.

Please ignore.

So far the account itself stays the same, though I have changed the password and will take further security steps ASAP.

Based on past experience you may receive this type of false messaging on Yahoo Chat, Facebook, or Twitter (more about that later).

My sincerest apologies to all who have received or may receive these messages.


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Wendy said...

I got a weird email this morning so I knew you had been hacked. Sorry Chiara.

Wafa said...

I knew it when I read the funny and weird email..

It's OK, it's not your fault and hope things will be fixed quickly for your own safety :)

Chiara said...

Wendy and Wafa--Thanks for commenting. Indeed, strange letter! :)
Fortunately the hack was very limited and soon resolved.


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