Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012: Mobilize the Earth; A Billion Acts of Green

As every year, this year's Earth Day offers an opportunity to reflect on institutional and personal initives to take better care of the planet.Although one make make such efforts any day, or better everyday, a designated day of celebration and activism does contribute to greater awareness and mindfulness. The video which follows is a part of the official effort this year.

 The central website is a repository for recording and stimultating acts of green around the globe. Aside from the site menu, if you do a search you can find further details about acts of green, like this list of individual Saudi contributions

While larger initiatives are admirable, community ones in particular, like those of  neighbourhoods, social clubs, faith community, and schools, have the potential to make a significant, observable change in the immediate environment, and inspire longer lasting attitudinal change. Individual changes also have an impact. No (wo)man is an island, so an individual change impacts the immediate environment, but also may serve as role model or inspiration to others, including prompting the individual to make further changes.

The Google Doodle, which I saw first as a still, as above, and then animated as represented below, reminded me that one of the things I can do to be more green is to renew my windowsill herb garden. This is something that is easy to do, easy to maintain, and makes a small change, but one that adds to the greening of my household.

I say renewing because I have an herb garden in the windowsill already, but one that is rather worse for the wear, even indoors, during winter, when there is less sunlight. The parsley hasn't been able to keep up with my usage, the basil flourished but could be better tamed, and the oregano alas didn't survive those times of underwatering. These three occupants of a standard window box container need some TLC, and a few new plantings.

Like all good members of my maternal family, I also have a rosemary plant for Italian cuisine. Or rather I should say had. Somehow in this location I am not having my usual rosemary plant success. This is Rosemary II, may she also rest in peace.

For the first time this year, I tried a bay laurel, so I could have fresh bay leaves on hand when I want to add them to a sauce or stew, without having one of those boxes of dried bay leaves that become ancient through infrequent use. For a while this was wonderful, and the taste from a fresh bay leaf in a sauce encouraged me to use it more often. However, Laurel has been breathing in the supposedly non-toxic soap insecticide used to keep the hibiscus blooming and uninfested, and now requires intensive medical care following a surgical amputation.

Aside from the pleasure I take in gardening, even indoor gardening, having and expanding this herb garden contributes to our nutrition, with fresh non-treated herbs, and reduces waste from unused cut herbs bought at the store, and usually wrapped in plastic or at least in a plastic bag. It is also an encouragement to cook more often from scratch, though I usually do so. Perhaps to expand my culinary repertoire then!

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What are your plans for Earth Day?
Did you observe Earth Hour in March this year?
Any herbal garden suggestions?
Any other recommendations for small but significant changes?
Other comments, thoughts, experiences, impressions?

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