Sunday, September 2, 2012


I have been honoured to receive a Beautiful Blogger Award, in part because of the award itself, and mostly because the nomination came from Jaraad/Malik of the blog Jaraad.

The rules of the Award:
  • Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post;
  •  Thank the person who nominated you, and link back to their blog;
  •  Tell 7 things about yourself;
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know.

At first I had some trouble with the idea of nominating others, because there are so many, and because I am not sure that those nominated would all care to acknowledge the award. Finally, I decided to nominate as I wished,  and let the nominees decide if/how to acknowledge the award. That left the challenge of narrowing, impossible to fully resolve; and so, I have come up with the following "compromise formation" (Freud's idea of the manifestation of a compromise among conflicting desires), in alphabetical order within categories defined by me:


I'm glad they blog (and they blog a lot more than I do at the moment, so I can't complain about their quantitative production):

I'm glad when they blog (and I wish they would blog more often/regularly):

Honourable Mentions:

I would have nominated you but you just received the award/nomination:

I tried to nominate you only to discover you have deleted your blog:

Observations of a tired sOul-When did this happen? Why wasn't I consulted? Does my admiration of dishwashing men mean nothing to you? When are you starting a new one? :D


 I belatedly nominate you because you can run/change your URL but you can't hide:

Observations of a tired sOul-I've decided to forgive you for changing URLs without so much as a by your leave! :)

7 Things About Me:

1. Curry is my favourite comfort food--ironic, since I never had it in childhood, and am not allowed to have it in my family's presence now. I'm not even allowed down the tea aisle without an escort lest I buy chai tea. Note to self: curry is not a good comfort food when you have a low grade migraine, or think the migraine is over.

2.  I am a giggler. My giggling heyday was in Grade 3-4 (the same year I first learned about Saudi Arabia), when I even got into trouble with the teacher for giggling too much! Alas, or perhaps for the better, my giggle partner moved, and I have only had sporadic giggling fits since. They are still great fun and a marvelous tonic, however!

3. I am a hula hoop champion (My Local Playground--Under age 5 Category). I consider this the beginning of my athletic career, even if hula hooping had long past its heyday at the time.

4. I am a candle-aholic. In private, I like to light candles at home, especially on gloomy winter days, and particularly when I am spending a lot of time there. In public, when I am missing my Dad, I go to mass and light candles to various saints (to honour them as protectors of my Dad in heaven). Sometimes, like around the anniversary of his passing, I run out of saints and have to start over, with a second round after a second mass of the day.

5. I sometimes have trouble with fixed parametres. See above list(s). 

6. I love markets, souks, etc. of all types. This is a good thing as the hub likes to visit fish markets--won't eat fish, but can't resist a seaside fisherman's market. Personally, I prefer flower markets, farmer's markets, craft markets, mixed markets, dress souks, and well, who doesn't love a gold souk!

7. I have had a Twitter account for a year. @Chiara_ChezC. I fully expect Twitter to send me birthday greetings, even though I have never tweeted (though a spammer did on my account, requiring me to change my password 3 times). Now that I am out of Twitter infancy, and heading into toddlerhood, I intend to tweet and follow the tweetie people whose blogs I follow, and whose tweets I follow now via Google Reader (some of you know who you are). Baby steps...

Finally, I would like to thank Jaraad again for honouring my blog; to reassure those I have nominated that they are free to acknowledge the nomination, in whatever manner they prefer, or not at all, if they so choose; and, to acknowledge that there are many more I would have liked to nominate than was possible!


Wendy said...

Congratulations, Chiara! Now if we could just get you to blog ....

On another note it is taking me several tries with you captcha code. They are extremely difficult to read.

Chiara said...

Captcha is off for bad behaviour!

Thank you for your wishes and your persistence, Wendy!

I'll keep trying to blog more often, and hopefully succeed!

Thanks again!

jaraad said...

Thanks for writing this post. It is also good to know more about you and some of the other blogs you like to read.
I am now following you on twitter.
I don't know if blogger has the option like wordpress in which it can automatically tweet the title and a link to your new post.
Thanks for getting rid of the captcha thing it is getting extremely difficult to read.

Chiara said...

Thanks, Jaraad, and thanks for the tips regarding Twitter (though I haven't found a direct link from Blogger), and the follow.

I just sent my first (real) Tweet!

I am exhausted from the effort! :)

Following will have to follow. Though it doesn't seem terribly difficult.

The captcha did prevent a lot of spam that is now showing in Google Reader for anyone who has included the comments as well as posts (ie me!).

There is an option on the captcha to keep switching it to a different one before you type in, and some are far more legible that others.

I discovered in posting on others' blogs that some have a picture with a number embedded as well as the "word", and you have to include both in the correct order Right to Left without spaces.

At times it seems as if the captcha function is just stuck in refusal mode, and won't accept even the easily read, fully correct ones.

I am not sure what to do about the spam, except that it does so far go straight to spam and not into the blog comments on the posts which is a good thing.

Right now it seems easier to work this way than putting the blog on moderation (which would stop the spam from showing in Google Reader), so I will have to just keep deleting the spam for a while.

I also (re-)learned that in commenting on Wordpress blogs that require a sign in, if one doesn't have a Wordpress account, one can use one's primary gravatar email and password. That should make my commenting on your blog easier!

jaraad said...

Luckily for me Wordpress catches lots of spams without having to do anything from my side. If that is why you use captcha I guess you should enable it again. Otherwise it is really terrible having to manually delete all these spams.

So, after you know now an easier way to comment on my blog does this mean I will see your comments more often? I hope so :)

Qusay said...

Congratulations and thank you very much dear Chiara :)

As usual, honored for being mentioned on your blog :)

Haitham Jafar said...

Congrats ya Chiara :)
*Spam is good! It means ppl r in/out of yr life, hehe. Thx for getting rid of the thingy! :D

** I wasn`t hiding, I was merely lazy. Thx 4 forgiving me and 4 the 2nd chance :D
Soooooo, we have a curry-lover athletic blogger in the house :)

Glad to know a bm mr bwt u.

Twitter ROCKS and don`t let any facebooker tell u different! :)

I shall get right to the (task), 7 things seem too much! (@ 8 AM) but a blogger got to do what a blogger got to do :)

Thx again fellow bloggerian, a gr8 one 4 that matter.

Susanne said...

Nice post, and I greatly enjoyed learning these things about you. I never would have thought of you as a giggler, but that's what I love about these types of posts! :)

How are you doing these days? I miss your posts, and hope you are getting healthier all the time.

Chiara said...

Thank you to all for your kind words.

I also appreciate your feedback regarding commenting.

Since I took the captcha thingy off, I have received over 20 spam comments per day. These fortunately are caught by Blogger and sent to spam.

Unfortunately they do show in Google Reader (and perhaps other readers) which is annoying clutter for anyone who follows the blog comments as well as the posts, including me.

I have put the comments on moderation, so that I can delete the spam before it appears on anyone's reader.

That is the only way as far as I know, to continue to allow people to comment anonymously, or without registering, and yet control the spam.

I would appreciate your feedback on this, or any spam destroying suggestions you may have.

Thank you again to all for their comments on this post, and earlier ones.

I will return to comment more specifically, later.


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