Friday, November 22, 2013

A Street Scene in Riyadh--Accurate or a Photographer's Composition?

Riyadh, November 17, 2013 REUTERS/Faisal Nasser

I first saw this photo at Full Focus, Photos of the Week

For some reason it struck me as particularly natural, and probably fairly common, in other words, an accurate depiction of a street scene in Riyadh. 

However, I am not in a position to judge based on experience, so I would appreciate the comments of those in the know. 

Also, I wonder if others who have not been to Riyadh would also (mis-)take this as representative.

How about the one below (from this article on a report on the legal status of women in Saudi Arabia)?

Any other comments, reactions, impressions?

Veiled women carry vegetables as they walk along a street at the neighbourhood of Shmeisy in Riyadh April 22, 2013. REUTERS/Faisal Al Nasser


Susanne said...

They like the green shoes? :)

Good "seeing" you again! Hope you are well!

Coolred38 said...

Never been there but pretty accurate as far as where I have been in the kingdom.

btw...where are you these days? long time no chat. I really miss our chats.

Jaraad said...

Glad to read new posts here again :)
Being an Arab I can say the first picture is common in MENA if we are speaking about flirtation.

I didn't live in Saudi Arabia but I have traveled by car through it. Unlike what some people know about the rich Saudi Arabia, it has a very poor population. And these are Saudis not immigrants.

Souma said...

Lovely seeing you post again!

Well, of what I hear from my friends, "flirting" in Riyadh is more aggressive than in Jeddah. Also, Riyadh is the "city of good muslims", thus something as natural and simple as flirting is viewed as grossly unnatural and even punishable by the pseudo-pious population.

We really need to learn to live and let live in this country, especially when it comes to women. The second picture is nothing out of the ordinary either, depending on the part of town you're in. This applies to most cities in the country.

Some women are responsible for homes and are the breadwinners regardless of how terrible their living conditions are. The worse the living conditions, the more difficult it is for a woman to find a decent job and is more likely to end up selling goods on the street.

In a way, both those photos are the same thing: women having a difficult time performing natural everyday actions, be it walking down the street, having a decent job, or a better living condition.

Wendy said...

I have been to Riyadh and both pictures are accurate.


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