Thursday, December 12, 2013

Chez Chiara is 5 years old! *Important Update: She is only 4!

Chez Chiara is 5 years old today, 
and in honour of her December birthday,
she is wearing tiaras
featuring one of her December birthstones,

She is being festive, even if she is most displeased with me, Chiara, for neglecting her. I have explained to her about my "mystery illness", but what with being a 5-year-old she is often rather pouty about it.

Once she learned that I FINALLY have a diagnosis, she has become more sympathetic--somewhat. She agrees with me that it is rather scandalous that it has taken over 3 years to prove the diagnosis I suggested on my first visit to the doctor, a thyroid problem.

She is happy that I have, and therefore she has, an excellent prognosis, and should return to normal (to the extant that she ever credits me with being "normal") over the next few months.

She is most grateful to all readers and commentators, for their exemplary patience with our medical  ups and downs, blogging stops and starts--as am I.

As the birthday girl,
she is determined to celebrate.
And I agree.
Bring on the tiaras!  

Important update:
She is only 4!
She just wishes she were 5!

I take full responsibility for letting her get away with this "bit of mischief" (rather typical of a 4-year-old). She still gets another tiara though!


Jaraad said...

Congratulations and happy fifth!
I am sure all your readers miss reading your valuable posts.
Get well soon!

Susanne said...

Haha...adorable! I love four year olds who pretend to be five! ;)

I'm glad you got a diagnosis, and I hope soon that you will be feeling much, much better!

Haitham Jafar said...

Congrats u fiver u ;D

May u feel as the highest point of normality as possible and blog for us more & more :)

Party of 5 said...

Glad you've got a diagnosis Chiara. Please take care of yourself.I missed reading your writing. Happy birthday bloggy :)


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