Thursday, February 20, 2014

Resilience and Remembering

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of my father's passing. I never really forget him, though I do remember him more acutely when there is a reminder of an activity we enjoyed together, or the need for someone to do "Dad things".

I must say that this anniversary snuck up on me, even though in some ways this year I have been more sensitive to his absence.

One of the reasons is that my own delayed diagnosis reminds me of how his family doctor's mismanagement, at times seemingly willful, contributed to his suffering needlessly, and ultimately to the generally weakened state that contributed to his death.

It is easy to blame doctors, and often this blame is misplaced grief or anger. However, there are all to many patients who "fall through the cracks", have avoidable delays in diagnosis and treatment, or unwittingly are subjected to their physicians' biases.

This hibiscus flower, or hibiscus syriacus, is a symbol of resiliance. Though a misnomer, as it is not native to Syria, it still symbolizes persistence despite challenges great or small, collective or individual.

I thought it a fitting emblem to also honour my father, who persisted in trying to be well, and there for his family despite the considerable medical challenges he was facing.

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Please feel free to share your own stories of resilience, remembrance, grief, or medical misadventure.

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Susanne said...

I was recently thinking of my grandfather, and how it had been 20 months since he died. I was especially missing him that day for some reason.

Thanks for sharing this about your dad. I hope you are doing better. Miss you.


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