Thank you in advance for your comments! And for sharing your knowledge, expertise, experiences and perspectives, in a respectful manner. Obviously there will be differences, but we are able to enrich the posts, and each other's understanding of a topic in a civil and enjoyable way.


In general, I want to be sure that posts and the blog remain a good place for people to share without personal attacks on others, or feeling, or being, attacked themselves.

For that reason it is important to be sure to address the topic, and clarify with another commentator if you feel their words were disrespectful, or attacking, ie before attacking back.

Spam, pseudo-comments that are really spam, personal attacks (flaming), hate speech, vulgarity, and rants of no bearing on the topic of the post or the blog will be rejected or deleted.


Anyone may comment on any post new or old. Disagreement and corrections are welcome, as long as a respectful tone is maintained. Personal attacks, including discrediting anyone’s right to comment on a post, are not welcome. Needless to say, vulgarity is not appreciated, nor is any form of hate speech against any individual or group.

If you want your name and email/URL to pop up each time you comment without you having to type it in, use the Google Account option, or one of the Open ID account type options (LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM).

If you want to make your comments more easily identifiable, or aesthetic, you may get your own free avatar easily at

The Anonymous commenting option is valuable. However, it would be nice to be able to follow a given Anonymous’ contributions so feel free to invent a blogonym that hides your identity as much as you feel comfortable with. The Name/URL option is one way to do this, as no URL is required. So invent a name and put it into that option if you don’t want to link to your site, or your own profile. You may also create a name and profile for Blogger which has no information linked to it, or visible.

The maximum length of a comment is set by Blogger (by stroke count not word count) so if you feel your comment needs to go over, then submit part of it with “cont’d…” at the bottom and the rest with “…cont’d” at the top, or something similar so readers can follow along.

The Blogger commenting format allows for manual insertion of the html codes around a word or words for italics < i > < / i >, bolding < b > < / b >, and underlining < u > < / u >. Just use the html codes given here, on either side of the text you want to alter, without the spaces between the characters.

A discussion is improved by providing the original sources for others to view, when appropriate. When providing information and resources for others, links are even more significant. Links to relevant pics and videos enhance comments as well. Some of these are also humorous!

Either copy/paste the URL into your comment; or, to hyperlink an article, blog, webpage, or picture:

< a href="">word or words that you would like your readers to click< / a >
[with no space at the beginning between "< and a" or at the end between "< and / and a and >" which was done here to show the hyperlink html code rather than have it automatically link]

example: < a href="">BBC documentary about how Indians made it to the Caribbean- Coolies: How The British Reinvented Slavery< / a >
[with no space at the beginning between "< and a" or at the end between "< and / and a and >" which was done here to show the hyperlink html code rather than have it automatically link]

If you are uncertain about your English, compose your comment first in a Word or Google Document and use the spelling and grammar checking functions there, before copy pasting your comment into the comments on the post. No worries, though, comment as you feel comfortable. There are no points off for grammar, spelling, or typos (thank goodness!).

Another tip, for those commenting in English whose first language is not English, is to use Google Translate. Google Translate is better at translating some languages than others, and at some sentence structures and vocabulary than others. Keeping it simple helps. Back translating, ie putting the translation given back in to be translated to the original language, is one way to check the accuracy of the translation. Again, no worries, your thoughts are more important than finesse!

Problems With the Commenting Function?

Let me know in a comment or an email if there are problems with the commenting jinn! Though these are rare, in general it is best to highlight and "copy" your comment, if you don't have a copy elsewhere, and then paste it back in if it is "disappeared" before posting. And if your comment won't post, after a number of tries, send it to me by email, and I will put it in under your name.

Email: chezchiara2 AT


Comments are most welcome, as you may read in the post They're Back! The Comments Have Returned! They Want Attention and Company!

Begin, or, Carry on commenting!


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